Kamen rider zi o over quartzer

It follows the exploits of Sougo Tokiwa, a young man who, according to visitors from the future, is destined to become the king who will enslave the entire world, and embarks in a quest to change his fate, meeting several other Kamen Riders from the Heisei era along the way. Born on April 28,he dreamed of becoming a king after experiencing a series of nightmares in his childhood and being visited by a mysterious figure that entrusted him with the prophecy.

After surviving a bus accident when he was nine, Sogo became orphaned and since then lived with his great-uncle in the 9-to Despite Geiz and Tsukuyomi's reservations, Sogo considers them friends and trusts them with his life; asking both of them to kill him should he follow the path to becoming Ohma Zi-O.

All the while, his predecessor Tsukasa Kadoya secretly watched over him to ensure he succeeded in changing his fate. Originally, Sogo was a visionary high school student prior to his graduation, but he developed his strengths along his journey. He has a tendency to hold back while fighting, though he will become dangerous when he stops doing so, something his opponents found out the hard way on different occasions.

Sogo's lack of knowledge about past Kamen Riders has caused him to stray from his predecessors' trademark abilities with comical results while being criticized for his incompetence. Sogo is also a keen manipulator due to his observant nature and understanding of human behavior, such as exploiting Black Woz's loyalty to him on occasions and outsmarting a genius of Kuroto Dan's caliber. InSogo developed the ability to subconsciously create alternate futures, which he initially assumed were prophetic dreams of Kamen Riders from White Woz's timeline.

Ever since the bus accident, he also proved capable of stopping time like the Time Jackers. However, Swartz erased his memory of it, explaining why he has not used the ability until after he became Grand Zi-O. As a result of Swartz's plans, a convergence of the A. Worlds commenced. Once he did so, he chose to sacrifice Ohma Zi-O's power to reset the space-time continuum; negating his destiny and undoing Swartz's damage.

Due to this, he redid his senior year in with altered versions of Geiz, Tsukuyomi, Heure, and Ora as his classmates in the new timeline. During the events of Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First GenerationSogo temporarily regained his Rider powers after he learns of Finis, a Time Jacker who survived his time reboot and swore vengeance against him. Riders ; all of whom Finis also attacked as part of their revenge plot.

Sogo and his friends later learned that Zero-One was created by Sogo's dreams. After going back in time and preventing this event from occurring, Sogo received the Drive and Mach Ride Watches. After Sougo defeats his evil counterpart as Zi-O Ohma Form, he was recognized as a king, fulfilling his dream. He also owns a Time Mazine, a time traveling vehicle given to him by Tsukuyomi that can transform into a humanoid robot.

In this form, Zi-O sacrifices his ability to use Ride Armors in order to gain the power to manipulate time as well as precognitive sight, which allows him to see a few seconds into the future. In this form, he absorbs Geiz and Black Woz in order to utilize their powers and weapons as well as his own.

In this form, he retains his ability to control time, but gains the ability to summon any of the past 19 primary Heisei Kamen Riders from their active timeline to fight by his side and utilize their weapons along with his own. During his final battle against Swartz, Sogo converted his Ziku-Driver into the Ohma Zi-O Driver, acquiring the ability to transform into Ohma Zi-O and become powerful enough to destroy enemies with a single attack. Even though his shop specializes in repairing clocks, he rarely has orders to fix them nowadays, and usually works on repairing other old devices to make ends meet.

In spite of this, he has demonstrated a form of intellect in repairing unique watches since he was able to repair the DenLiner time train and repair Sogo's Ride Watches. Although he does not think highly of Sogo's idea dreams, he feels glad that he has Geiz and Tsukuyomi as friends; recognizing how positive their influence on him has been. Upon Tsukuyomi's request, he agreed to stay his hand and watch the events play out, becoming an on-again-off-again house guest of Sogo's.

Throughout the series, Geiz struggled with his original mission of killing Sogo to prevent Ohma Zi-O's existence and his growing friendship with him before eventually becoming more open about his feelings and accepting Sogo as his friend following Another Zi-O's attacks.

After defeating Another Zi-O II, Geiz discovered the future he came from was actually an alternate dimension where Ohma Zi-O continues to exist despite Sogo's efforts to avoid becoming him. During the final battle against Swartz, Geiz dies protecting Sogo; begging him to become Ohma Zi-O to defeat Swartz with his dying words.

During the events of Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First GenerationGeiz temporarily regained his memories from the original timeline and helped Sogo defeat the surviving Time Jacker, Finis, who sought to renew Swartz's plot to destroy the Kamen Rider multiverse before losing them again once Finis was stopped.

After meeting several past Secondary Riders and seeing White Woz become the monstrous Another Diend to endanger Sogo, Geiz became Kamen Rider Geiz once more and joined forces with his old friends to stop him.In what became known as "another timeline", Sougo comes face-to-face with Quartzerwho intend to wipe Kamen Rider Drive from history and a conspiracy behind his kingship.

Zi-O fighting Kamen Rider Barlckxs. He wakes up in a panic, claiming that Zi-O had disappeared in his dream and the new Rider had taken his place. Then, Sougo and his friends travel back toin the Sengoku period.

kamen rider zi o over quartzer

There, they meet Oda Nobunagathe revered demon king. Although Sougo believed that Oda Nobunaga had a serious attitude, however, they did not expect that he is actually a weak-willed lecher. Nobunaga tries to court a foreign woman named Clara Steinbelt, Krim's ancestor. However, Woz suddenly stole all the Ridewatches. In prison, Sougo asks why Woz betrayed him. After Geiz and Tsukuyomi disappeared after their mission was completed, Sougo was asked by the remaining Quartzer members about his future which he replies that he is fine with it because life is like that.

They tell him they're interested in seeing how his future will turn out. When returning home, Geiz, Tsukuyomi, and Woz are mysteriously restored, waiting for him.

Time Breaks performed in a Rider Armor are named after the respective Rider's special move with "Time Break" after it. Zi-O's personal weapon in his base form is the Zikan Girade. In this form, Zi-O's stats surpass those of all of his previous forms.

This form is also capable of defeating Another Riders and destroying their Anotherwatches without the need for using a corresponding Ridewatch, though this method only works against Another Riders with only one power-set.

Kamen Rider Zi-O!

Zi-O Ohma Form Henshin and Rider Appearance

Grand Time! It wields the power of all 20 Heisei Kamen Riders. In this form, Zi-O is adorned with statues of all the previous Heisei Riders, with his own on his crown. When compared to the ability parameters of other forms, GrandZi-O surpasses all others in every category by a considerable margin.

Aside from its impressive parameters, GrandZi-O can use the Rider Relief statues around its armor to activate various abilities related to the main Kamen Riders of the Heisei Era. When GrandZi-O taps a Rider Relief once, he can create a time portal which summons a specific Rider from their timeline.

The Zi-O Rider Relief appears to be activated by head gesture and, when activated, suspends or releases all summoned Riders in temporal stasis, regardless of their position. GrandZi-O is directly powered by the 19 Heisei Ridewatches in his collection. As a result, any anomalies regarding the Ridewatches, such as the temporal paradox caused by possessing the Drive Ridewatch that originated from Ohma Zi-O's timeline, will drastically compromise GrandZi-O's control over the corresponding Rider's power.Sougo Tokiwa has a dream of seeing a yellow Rider with a grasshopper motif.

He wakes up in a panic, claiming that Zi-O had disappeared in his dream and the new Rider had taken his place. He asks them to protect his ancestor, who is currently threatened by an unknown enemy, claiming that if his ancestor perished, so does he, and the history of Kamen Rider Drive will disappear as result. Sougo and his friends go toin the Sengoku period.

There, they meet Oda Nobunaga, the revered demon king. But instead, Nobunaga is a weak-willed lecher. Nobunaga tries to court a foreign woman named Clara Steinbelt, Krim's ancestor. So, they must protect the woman. As Sougo and his friends fight them. Later, a war breaks out. As Nobunaga is too scared to lead his army, Geiz took his place instead. Zamonas and Zonjis also appear in the midst of the enemy's army, they brought out Time Mazines too.

Sougo, Woz and Go fight them and win. With that, all 20 Heisei Ridewatches are collected. Suddenly Woz stole all the Ridewatches. When the rest confront him, he summons a platform full of people with the same outfit as him, and introduce themselves as the Quartzer. SOUGO claims to be the true king of time, manipulating Sougo's journey all along from the shadows, including using his special powers to make Swartz think that Sougo was the chosen one, while he originally was just a normal student.

In prison, Sougo asks why Woz betrayed him. The prophet of the future answers that his loyalty is always to Sougo, the leader of Quartzer from the original timeline. An enraged Geiz attacks Woz and they fight fiercely, but it's a distraction while Tsukuyomi and Go release Sougo. Sougo faces Barlckxs again, but he's easily defeated once more as Barlckxs claims that the power of the Heisei era can't affect him.

In the middle of the city, SOUGO declares his true goal: through the Ridewatches he'd unify the Heisei era which was broken in unconnected and unfitting settings, rebuilding everything in a unified world view under his control.

With the Dai Mazines activating, a singularity is created and everything from the Heisei era in the current world starts being absorbed into it as the first step before the birth of his new world, and even Sougo is pulled towards it. However, after losing consciouness, Sougo wakes up in a strange dimension instead.

He saw past memories of him as a kid playing with his parents. His younger self declares that he'll become a king in the future. It turns out to be an illusion as Sougo suddenly appeared in a deserted wasteland, in In there, he is greeted by Ohma Zi-O himself. In spite of that, his dream leads Sougo to become Ohma Zi-O. Sougo chooses to embrace his dream, even if he wasn't born to do it.A grand conspiracy behind the birth of the King of Time becomes ever clearer….

Release: It will take place on August 10, at the…. A black ops assassin is forced to fight for her own survival after a job goes dangerously wrong.

A falsely accused nobleman survives years of slavery to take vengeance on his best friend who betrayed him.

Sougo Tokiwa

The two heroes live in different worlds, but what is waiting for them after crossing time and…. Nearly 10 years have passed since Sarah Connor was targeted for termination by a cyborg from the future.

Now her son, John, the future leader of the resistance, is the…. Trying to reverse a family curse, brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan set out to execute an elaborate robbery during the legendary Coca-Cola race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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HD Server. Duration: Quality: HD Release: You May Also Like. Genre: ActionDrama. Watch Movie Favorite.Ever since I was born I knew where I wanted to go! However, I won't be the villainous demon king. I will be the greatest, kindest demon king! Light and darkness I accept it all! With that power I will open the way to the future!

Throughout the series, Geiz MyokoinTsukuyomiand Black Woz arrive from 50 years in the future in an attempt to guide Sougo away from his apocalyptic destiny of becoming Ohma Zi-Owhile facing other temporal obstacles in their way.

At some point in his childhood, Sougo was riding at bike at a park with his parents. He proclaims to them that he would become a king, with his teenaged-self looking back at this event during the Quartzer incident.

On April 24,just four days before his ninth birthday, Sougo and his parents took a trip on a tour bus that was also unbeknownst to himpassengered by Hiryu Kakogawa and Tsukuyomiand driven by Tsukasa Kadoya. About halfway through the ride, Swartz from an earlier timeline arrived and stopped the bus with his powers, later boarding it and sat at the back.

Swartz resumed time once again and subsequently sabotaged the bus, causing Tsukasa to lose control. Sougo's father and another father, most likely Hiryu's confronted him, but they were overpowered by Swartz's powers and taken down. After Swartz froze the parents in time, Sougo confronted the Time Jacker, but was held hostage, causing Tsukuyomi to shoot at Swartz in an attempt to save him.

The bus explodes inside a tunnel, killing everyone on board except for Tsukuyomi and Tsukasa, who both manage to escape right before the explosion via a Aurora Curtain.

Sougo secretly being helped by his original counterpart. After Sougo and the children awoke and discovered the city under attack by several Dai MazineSougo had attempted to save Hiryu from being crushed by falling debris. However, he unconsciously stopped time, allowing him to save Hiryu. A mysterious man appears in Sougo's dream. After Sougo agreed, Swartz modified his memories, which an adult Sougo would later recall his memory as a dream.

Swartz then proceeded to place Sougo and Hiryu at the site of the crash, where they would eventually be rescued and recorded as the only two survivors. The two later were admitted to a hospital and put into the same room.

kamen rider zi o over quartzer

After Sougo was discharged, he moved in with his grand-uncle, Junichiro Tokiwa. Since the incident, Sougo has had a strong belief that he could become a king, much to the chagrin of his future friends and uncle.

According to his uncle, this was so serious that Sougo did not have friends growing up, and was lonely for most of his childhood. During his elementary school years, he became quick friends with Tsutomu Tsuzumiya due to their seemingly "absurd" dreams together.

Later as they departed, Sougo became infatuated with her after she called him a cute boy. Sougo would later confuse the identity of this girl with Yuko Kitajima. During his teens, he attended Hikarigamori High Schoolexcelling in history but poor in physics. One day, Sougo found a mysterious watch-like item that was on the seat of his bicycle, and after examining the blank item, Sougo laid down the blank item, then went on home while minding his own business.

He does indeed encounter the robot shortly after, run by a man in red and black attire and attacks Sougo. He is saved by a woman claiming to be from the future named Tsukuyomi in her Time Mazine. They seemingly travel back in time to Japan, where she proves her legitimacy to him.

Tsukuyomi warns Sougo that the watch he currently had possessed a tremendous amount of power, and using it will make Sougo turn into the worst and lowest demon king, Ohma Zi-O. Just before Sougo could reply, a fight occurs and Tsukuyomi decide to test whether Sougo is really Ohma Zi-O or not by forcefully putting Sougo in the middle of the fight. The citizens proceed to throw Sougo to a river and doing so makes peace for themselves.I have a summary for you.

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Sougo Tokiwa (Over Quartzer)

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Kamen Rider Zi-O the Movie: Over Quartzer fans have been waiting for this sequel, and yesthere is no deviation from the foul language, parody, cheesy one liners, hilarious one liners, action, laughter, tears and yes, drama! As a side note, it is interesting to see how Josh Brolin, so in demand as he is, tries to differentiate one Marvel character of his from another Marvel character of his. Indeed a new group of oddballs anti super anti super super anti heroes, it is entertaining and childish fun.

A modern wide-release horror film is often nothing more than a conveyor belt of jump scares strung together with a derivative story which exists purely as a vehicle to deliver those jump scares.Forums New posts New threadmarks Search forums.

Tickets Open new ticket Watched. Spacebattles Merchandise. Spacebattles History. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. New threadmarks. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Thread starter Jsyrin Start date Dec 25, Prev 1 … Go to page.

kamen rider zi o over quartzer

First Prev 6 of 8 Go to page. Apocrypha View all 1 threadmarks Reader mode Recent threadmarks Omake 1. Reader mode. Guys Chris is build seeing as they mentioned Build is a teen so keep that in mind. See what I mean about having a list so we can keep track of who is who in this story?

I'm going to make that list so we can all keep track! Might do a reread to see if I missed any. Last edited: Jan 2, Or could the primary riders all have faint memories of the original timeline?

Last edited: Jan 14, TheSentinelStone said:. Maelore said:. Until he gave the den-o ride watch to shogou which removed momotaros' ability to henshin until zi-o let him take over the summoned den-o he called with the grand zi-o ride watch.

DestinyPlayer said:. Pretty sure that that did absolutely nothing to diminish his status as a Singularity, aka someone who is more or less utterly immune to time fuckery and would keep on going even if grandfather paradox'd. Rigged Bomb. Rigged Bomb said:. Khonsu can't travel through time. Threadmarks Chapter 6 Threadmarks. Jsyrin Utterly Defeated Chapter 6: Zi-O Taylor had regretted many things in her short life.

Making friends with one Madison Clements was not one of them. Mysteries of the universe and all that!


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