Holy spirit illustrations for youth

Simpson I. What is it to Walk in the Spirit? Generally, it may be said, it is to maintain the habit of dependence upon the Holy Ghost for our entire life; spirit, soul and body. We know what it is at times to enjoy His conscious presence. We live in the Spirit, we have felt the touch of His quickening life, now let us walk in the Spirit.

Let us abide in this fellowship. Let us lean continually upon His strength, and drink unceasingly from His life, a babe from its mother's breast. But more particularly. To walk in the Spirit is to recognize the Spirit as present and abiding in us. How often, after we have asked His presence, we treat Him as if He had deceived us, and cry to Him as if He were afar off!

Let us recognize Him as having come, and address Him as a present and indwelling friend. He will always meet our recognition, and speak to us as the ancient presence, not from the mount, or the pillar of fire, but from the tabernacle, and from the holy of holies in our inmost heart.

It means to trust Him and count upon Him in the emergencies of life, to regard Him as one who has undertaken our cause and expects to be called upon in every time of need, and will unfailingly be found faithful and all-sufficient in every crisis. The very name Paraclete means one that we can always call upon and find at our side. We must trust the Holy Spirit, and expect Him to respond to our need as implicitly as we expect the air to answer the opening of our lungs, and the sunrise to meet us in the morning.

And yet how many treat the Holy Spirit as if He were a capricious and most unreliable friend! How may of our prayers are despairing groans or scolding reflections on His love and faithfulness! It was for this that Moses lost the Promised Land; instead of quietly speaking to the rock and expecting its waters to flow forth to meet his call, he struck it with hasty and unbelieving violence and spake as one who did not fully trust the love and faithfulness of God.

There is no need that we should strike the rock, or cry, like Baal's priests to the distant heavens for help. Let us gently and implicitly claim the love that is always in advance even of our prayer. Let us speak in the whisper of childlike trust to that bosom which is ever ready to pour its fullness into our empty hearts, and lo! We must consult the Holy Spirit if we would walk in the Spirit.

We shall often find that the things that seem most easy will fail and disappoint us when we rely upon their apparent probability and the mere promise of outward circumstances, and we shall also find where we commit our way unto Him, and acknowledge Him in all our ways, that He will so direct our paths that the things which seemed most difficult and improbable, will become the easiest and the most successful. He would teach us thus to trust in Him with all our heart, and lean not unto our own understanding; in all our ways to acknowledge Him and He will direct our steps.As children's workers we want to teach children about the Holy Spirit - who is the Holy Spirit, and why did God send Him?

Here you will filnd a selection of six great object lessons that will certainly help you to teach on this amazing subject. A clear and fun object lesson to show what it means to let our light shiine. In this object lesson we see that we need the power and filling of the Holy Spirit to truly be that light.

holy spirit illustrations for youth

You could also combine this object lesson with the story of the wise and foolish virgins. What happens if you try pouring water into an upside down cup?

Exactly, it all gets a bit messy! It addresses the theme of conversion. Looking at the theme of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. All the fruit and the gifts are different, like the colours in the rainbow, but each one is important. You can also link the Skittles to the Body of Christ. As believers we are the Body of Christ. We are all different. We are colourful and that's good! We are using Instant Worms to illustrate our need to be constantly restored and refreshed by the Spirit. This visual lesson shows children and adults how important it is to not only go to church on Sundays, but also to be filled during the week, through praying and reading the Bible.

Otherwise we run the risk to start drying up. At Pentecost we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. To the disciples, Jesus was like the sun, and His words were like the rain. You could see Him, hear Him and touch Him. Jesus actually said that it was better that He went away, so that the Comforter would come. This comforter is the Holy Spirit.

A cool science experiment with hydrogel beads about how we as Christians can be on fire for God by being filled by the Holy Spirit. Of course these are just a few of the ideas about the Holy Spirit on Creative Kidswork.

You can find all the ideas about the Holy Spirit here on the site. How to make a rainbow using Skittles - the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit Looking at the theme of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

holy spirit illustrations for youth

Dry worms are filled up again - being restored and refreshed by the Spirit We are using Instant Worms to illustrate our need to be constantly restored and refreshed by the Spirit. Jumping Hydrogel Beads in a hot pan - being on fire by the Spirit A cool science experiment with hydrogel beads about how we as Christians can be on fire for God by being filled by the Holy Spirit.Sermon illustrations: Holy Spirit.

QuotePrayerHoly Spirit. A Torrey relates the following incident: During our SinMothersHoly Spirit. We are as ships without the wind, branches without Holy SpiritPowerQuote.

5 Ways to Teach Kids about the Holy Spirit

The inventor Holy SpiritDirection. Rely on the Holy Spirit Dr. Holy SpiritSoulwinningService. Holy SpiritCommunicationWarningBible.

Who is the Holy Spirit Object Lesson

It was a windy day, and the kite kept Holy Spirit. DedicationServiceHoly SpiritQuote. Secret for Victory Speaking to a large audience, D. SinPowerHoly SpiritFreedom. The car was a major PowerMissionsHoly Spirit.

Icehouses had thick walls, no The Walk of the Christian A father and son arrived in a small western town looking for an uncle whom they had never seen Sin Hinders the Work of the Holy Spirit During a tour of a large manufacturing plant, a visitor noticed a man using a fiery torch of high DiscipleshipSinHoly Spirit. Later, his friends questioned him about it.

One said SalvationChildrenHoly Spirit. Campbell Morgan was a young man he visited two elderly ladies each week to read the Bible BibleHoly Spirit. The Believer's Power I have a glove here in my hand. The glove cannot do anything by itself, but when my hand is in it, Holy SpiritPowerWork. Some Christians Are Like Some Christians are like: 1. Wheelbarrows—must be pushed2. Canoes—need paddling3.Use science to illustrate Bible Truth!

Watch the video example below. How can the Holy Spirit be a person in the Trinity and yet He cannot be seen and does not take up any space like all people do?

This is a simple object lesson that incorporates science to demonstrate one aspect of the doctrine of the Trinity. Many children begin to get curious about the Holy Spirit as they grow older. They do not think it is logical to be a person and not be seen while still alive.

Be careful not to mistakenly offer a pantheistic answer and say that God is in everything! See Psalm So how do you answer the above question? I have found a simple experiment helps the children to understand how something can exist yet not be seen and not take up any space. Ask the kids if they can think of anything they use on a daily basis that would have these same qualities. Allow them to give some answers. Some of your older children may answer correctly, but many will not think along the lines.

Fill the tub with water. Take a paper towel and put it in the cup. Ask the children what will happen if you put the cup in the water—will the towel get wet or will it stay dry?

Allow for some answers. Presumably, the kids will be giving both answers—wet and dry.

holy spirit illustrations for youth

First show them how the paper towel stays dry by placing the cup perpendicularly upside down in the water. However, the air took up space in the cup so that water could not get it.

The science is that the pocket of air in the cup cannot escape and therefore keeping the water from entering the cup. This is true of the Holy Spirit. Those who have the invisible Holy Spirit living inside them will have visible evidence.

God's Holy Spirit Is Everywhere (Psalm 139:7) Object Lesson

The writer was just saying the air is occupying the cup already so the water does come in. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Home About Us Newsletter. Have you ever been asked the following question?John ESV.

Sermons on John Blessed Broken Given. God's Grace. Created for Significance. After so many weeks, I haven't been able to keep track of them, one day seems just like the other day. Today reminds me of yesterday, and yesterday may be the same as tomorrow.

Teaching Lesson: Walking in the Spirit

I know I am used to being confused, but I have exceeded my limit on this time aspect. The Gracious Mistress of the Scripture: Ecclesiastes Tags: HumorTime. Denomination: Christian Missionary Alliance. You stop eating all the ice cream, and donuts Scripture: MatthewGalatiansLuke Denomination: Charismatic. Many of us, I'm sure, remember hearing the words "Coming soon to a fill in the blank near you. Well, sometimes that did indeed happen, as a lot of us want to find something new, maybe the latest and greatest thing to come our way.

holy spirit illustrations for youth

There are a Scripture: JohnActs1 Thessalonians Denomination: Baptist. For almost four weeks now, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage and Yours Truly have enjoyed some exceptional time together.My favorite thing about working for a mission organization is getting to hear the stories of how Jesus is transforming hearts and lives around the world.

These women have been through a variety of tragedies and have seen evil face-to-face. Many want to make a change in their lives, and are determined to choose a better path. Seeing true transformation in these women would be nearly impossible without the work of the Holy Spirit.

When women first come to our group, they have hardened faces and attitudes full of hate. But, as our team leads Bible studies, mentors them, and teaches about the love of Christ, you can see physical and spiritual transformations take place.

Their faces soften, they smile again, and their hearts begin to experience joy. These women discover that they are not defined by their past, and that the Holy Spirit will guide them as they forge a new path in life. They learn how to accept responsibility for their sins and to move forward as new women in Christ. Our team runs a business in northern India in one of the most populated and impoverished regions in the country.

In addition to the extreme physical need, this area is also one of the more unreached areas in the country. We employ people from different faith backgrounds and provide a fair wage, child care, and share the love of Christ with our employees. A few months ago, a fire broke out and engulfed an entire neighborhood near our business.

As soon as we heard about it, several of our employees who live in that community rushed home to help fight the fire. The remaining employees at our office immediately stopped what they were doing and prayed for the homes and the families of their coworkers.

For hours we helped people fight the flames, trying to salvage as much as possible. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, hundreds of people had lost their homes and possessions. In fact, their homes were some of the only ones that were still standing. The women remembered that they had asked Jesus to protect the homes of their coworkers, and He did exactly that! Coming from Hindu, Muslim, and Christian backgrounds, these women witnessed the power of Christ.

These people have shared with us how the church has hurt them in the past. Most often, these people truly have a desire to know and trust God, but are not ready to live out their faith in a church setting. Although they do not want to join a church, they do want to join Jesus in His mission to the world. The Holy Spirit is drawing them to Jesus through serving as He did.

It is a bold prayer as most Thai are Buddhist and their faith is a part of their culture and traditions. Each summer, our team in Roi Et takes a group of students to an academic camp in Bangkok for four weeks. This year, 37 students came with us to study the topics of education, family, finance, and careers.Talking with kids about the Holy Spirit can be challenging, so many church leaders avoid it as much as they can.

One summer at CentriKid Camps, we focused on the truths that God is with us from creation, He is with us in the person of Jesus Christ, and He is with us through the Holy Spirit, and our response is that we follow Him. We felt it was important to give kids age-appropriate lessons with some tangible object lessons so they could grow in their understanding of the Holy Spirit.

Here are some passages and illustrations from CentriKid to help you teach kids about the Holy Spirit:. As you teach kids about the Holy Spirit, move them to a point of understanding that God calls them to a response. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Talking with kids about the Holy Spirit can be challenging, so many church leaders avoid it as much as they can.

Define sanctuary, and help kids know that when we give God control of our lives, He makes our body a holy or sacred place. Acts — Appearance as flaming tongues of fire. John — The wind that blows where it pleases. Illustration: Box fan. Illustration: Piece of rope that gently tugs at your heart.


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